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December 22, 2010 / Pendulum

Introduction – Modular Products LLC

Growing Up During A Down Economy

Almost four years ago, my business partner and I founded a small Kansas City, MO based architectural practice named Pendulum Studio.  This was after spending nine years designing, documenting, managing and marketing sports projects for a few of the larger sports architecture firms out there.  Most of our peers thought we were crazy for “hanging our own shingle” right at the birth of the economic downturn, but we figured it was the best time to test our model and confirm that we have what it takes to survive in hostile conditions.

After spending two years in the market we quickly realized that the sports business methodology was evolving in direct proportion to the downward spiral of the economy.  Teams are having to work a lot harder to capture the discretionary income of the average fan and maintain the interest of their sponsors.   On one hand, outdated and in some cases obsolete facilities have made it impossible for teams to reach revenue goals.  On the other hand, tight municipal budgets and gridlocked financing has made new or substantially renovated facilities unattainable.  While many of the large design firms are still trying to sell their clients on the expansive and expensive stadium, we believe the stadium of the future will be:

1. Smaller

2. More Flexible

3. Multi-Purpose

4. Environmentally and Economically Sustainable

Modular Products LLC, a subsidiary of Pendulum Studio was created in 2009 to offer operators of new and existing sports facilities simple and affordable turn-key products that increase team revenue.  Our concepts are not rocket science – we’re not recreating the wheel.  We’ve incorporated sixteen years of stadium design experience with a little operations based efficiency and a lot of common sense.  The images below illustrate a few of our initial product offerings, many of which have been installed in a few stadiums that we’ll describe in more detail in our future posts.

Modular Products - Basic Product Offering

Combine Multiple Products To Create A Premium Outdoor Experience

We’ll update this blog on a regular basis with information on new products and projects.  If you’d like to follow our progress feel free to subscribe by clicking the button on the lower left portion of this page.  See our 2011 brochure by clicking the link below.

Modular Products 2011 Brochure


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