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January 31, 2011 / Pendulum

Coming Soon – Lehigh Valley Iron Pig’s Tiki Bar

At the 2010 Baseball Winter Meetings our theme was “Watch Us Design”.  We decided to bring one of our work stations to the booth with ballpark designer Keith Crane at the helm.  We contacted a few of our friends within the baseball industry in advance and challenged them to bring us an idea for expansion to their ballparks no matter how big or small.  Kurt Landes, GM of the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs answered our call and said – “O.K. let’s see what you’ve got”.

The Iron Pigs had an idea for a tiki bar expansion above the existing left field bull pens, a rough hand sketch (pictured above), and a few photoshopped marketing images.  Our plan was to use our time at the Winter Meetings wisely and expose attendees to our work flow and design methodology.  Everything that Keith input in the workstation was on display on our large LCD screens for everyone to see, and  as anticipated we were successful at drawing a few crowds.  The value added to the Iron Pigs was the ability to bring staff to our booth and have open dialogue about their likes and dislikes as it relates to the general design content.  This lively dialogue yielded a few changes here and there, but as I always say…”Design Is Change”.  In the end I think everyone benefited from the process – the images below are the final released work product to the Iron Pigs.


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