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May 20, 2011 / Pendulum

Live/Work/Sports Modular

From the office to the ballpark…”Temporary Suites” may be coming to a town near you.

When we first moved into our office a little over three years ago, we were full of ideas about what we were going to do with the space but at the time it was just an empty box (pictured above).  We had very few belongings…two desks, banker boxes, a couple chairs, and a broom; standard fare for a young startup.

Fast forward three years – some things are the same…we still have the broom, but a lot has changed.  We’ve collected a few new pieces of furniture and equipment along the way but even better, we’ve had  some of our modular designs featured in a few nice built projects (i.e. Modern Woodmen Park Outdoor Suites – 2008, BB&T Ballpark Premium Club Drink Rails – 2009, Swope Health South Reception Desks – 2010).  In 2009 we had one of our suites fabricated for our office (pictured below) and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed showcasing it in the front lobby but it’s time for a change.  We’ll be packing it up and letting a few of our College Wood Bat League friends try it out at their ballparks this season as a part of our “2011 Temporary Suite Promotional Tour”.  The pictures below illustrate how we’ve got it arranged in the office now, our next post will provide more detail on ballpark tour dates and locations.

Front view of our deluxe food station

Kegerator and buffet table or reception desk? The line gets blurry...

Outdoor Suites - Quad Cities River Bandits


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