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May 28, 2011 / Pendulum

Temporary Suites…Yes We Can


Thanks to the good folks at The Sports Business Journal/Don Muret writing about our modular outdoor suites installed at Modern Woodmen Park in Davenport, IA (SBJ 2010) we were contacted by a NFL team with interest in building eight suites on the 50 yard line of the mid level concourse.  The only catch…the suites needed to be 100% removable at the end of each football season – complete install and breakdown with a small crew in no more than three days.

In addition, the design challenge included addressing poor air circulation on the existing concourse, resolving component transport issues due to long distances to freight elevators, and planning for off-season storage.  The animation above illustrates the preliminary concept that we shared with the team.  We solved the transport issue by designing mobile carts for each disassembled suite.  We improved air circulation on the concourse by specifying in-line fans mounted to the structure above.  The off-season storage remained an issue through the remainder of our design discussions however, branded shipping containers were pretty high on our list of suggestions.

After finishing up the NFL suite concept we started thinking about smaller, less labor intensive and more affordable versions for alternate venues.  With the Baseball All-Star break quickly approaching we couldn’t resist tossing around the idea of a six person suite equipped with flat screen TV, kegerator, buffet table and a generous amount of sponsorship and branding inventory on the front and rear panels of each box.  The animation below illustrates our preliminary design – easily installed in one day by a small crew.


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